Let the Preparations Begin (errrr Continue)

Here I am on Saturday afternoon, about 48 hours away from when I need to leave for the airport (!!) and I still have quite a bit of packing and preparing to do, mentally that is! I have read through the WWF Web Site, and even ventured to their International Headquarters in Switzerland (as mentioned previously) for some more learning. I’ve bought books about the country, by authors who have visited – since the U.S. apparently does not sell any tour books of Paraguay – I’ve read through some blogs I was able to track down, and of course, have been following the World Cup matches. I think the only thing left to do in preparation is arrive. There is only so much you can do in the lead up to prepare for a life you’ve never experienced before.

First, to help all of those readers who may not know exactly where Paraguay is, a map:

Where I will live for 6 months!

Paraguay is landlocked between Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia and is home to two major forests that are currently threatened, the Atlantic Forest and the Chaco. I will wait until I actually arrive to share knowledge on these places, but little by little you can learn along with me!

And now for the challenging part, packing! How does one pack for a very cold winter and a summer so hot you forget why you needed your coat to begin with in 2 suitcases? I will let you know as soon as I work it out!

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