New Beginnings

Earlier this year, I was offered the opportunity to spend 6 months volunteering with the World Wildlife Fund in Asuncion, Paraguay. After turning down a previous placement in the remote reaches of Bhutan, South America was a no brainer to me! From the culture to the food to the rain forest preservation, I accepted without hesitation.

Having just returned from a trip to Zurich, Switzerland a couple of days ago, my appetite for travel and learning has once again be whetted. While in Switzerland, I was invited to the WWF International Office in Gland, (about half hour outside of Geneva,) to meet some very intelligent people and learn about the goings on of the office in Asuncion as well as the work being done throughout the Atlantic Forest, (which touches Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil.) I learned how dire the destruction of the forest has been for hundreds of years, as well as the work that the small but mighty office in Asuncion has been doing to delay and eventually reverse the deforestation.  Between looking for adequate funding for all of the projects based out of the office, and generally trying to change Paraguayan legislation in favor of the environment, it looks like there will be no shortage of tasks for me once I arrive in the southern hemisphere.

Now begins my journey! On Monday, June 21st I will take off on a 13 hour flight down to Asuncion to meet my new family at WWF Paraguay. I am excited to see what this new environment will bring me, and hope I am able bring them equal benefit. As expected, from the first entry in a new blog, I plan to keep you all involved in my travels as I once again prove to myself that anywhere is home.


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